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We’re DMOND…We’re here to help entrepreneurs, developers and designers grow, make a difference, build world-class businesses people to change the world.

Our services including, accelerator and Startup camp programs containing educational events and tech meet ups, energetic co-working space, consultancy services and much more. We partner with pioneering technology companies taking advantage of software, mobile platforms and the web.

Our investment strategy is goal driven that is why we work closely with teams,supporting them in achieving their goals quickly and efficiently, and provide follow-on capital as these are met.

Our Vision & Mission

DMOND has a 9-month world-class accelerator program, which includes a 10-week camp program, designed to immerse startups and entrepreneurs into their entrepreneurial journey. This will be followed by a 6 month accelerating opportunity for most promising startups which succeeded to prepare themselves be part of next step.

Beside these 2 main programs, DMOND nurtures startup teams through a combination of structured workshops, speaker series, mentor ship sessions as well as active coaching. These services will help startup founders to crystallize their ideas and business plans, build out their startup’s business model and prototypes as well as present their refined pitches to the venture capital and investor’s community.

Our Team & Mentors

DMOND core value is the help and direction it gives to startups, through its amazing experienced mentors and team members.

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