You Ask, We Answer

Why should we join DMOND?

DMOND is one of Iranian’s top accelerator program, and offers an outstanding opportunity to work with an accomplished network of mentors and investors while supported by an unrivalled alumni network.

We’re proud to say we’re different to other accelerators. Ask around – you won’t find any other program which is able to connect you to Silicon Valley, through Plug and Play Tech Center and international markets.

Which are your investment criteria?

Our core criteria are the following:

  1. Team: Entrepreneurs are expected to form fully-committed, complementary teams, understanding both technology and business. Domain expertise on the industry they will operate in is also a typical requirement. Finally, we value teams who have worked successfully together in the past.
  2. Market: International, sufficiently big and fast growing markets are required to serve as the canvas on which a team will deliver its product. Anything less probably won't suffice to serve the ambitions of entrepreneurs and investors alike.
  3. Product: We invest in teams pursuing innovative software products delivered via the web and/or mobile platforms, nanotechnology and biotechnology products as well. Technology should be means to an end; a catalyst that drives value creation by solving problems an order of magnitude more efficiently than existing solutions.
Where is DMOND based and what’s it like?

DMOND is based in Tehran. It also has a very active developer and designer community, hosts dozens of meetups and conferences every month.

What kind of services does DMOND have?
  1. Office space
  2. High speed internet facility + data center
  3. Business services (Accounting, Legal, Recruitment, tax, etc)
  4. Management consulting (BM, Revenue model, Marketing strategy, HR, etc)
  5. Training and workshops
  6. Financing
What type of startups do you accept?

We’re focused on technology businesses and while most successful applicants will be solving problems and exploiting opportunities on the web and mobile, we look for gaming, education, shared economy, Big data, Internet of things and cloud services.

We’ll also consider startups in the field of energy, nanotech and biotech.

What is your application process and timeline?

DMOND accepts applications on a rolling basis, so you can apply to our program at any time. But space is limited, so we encourage teams to submit as soon as possible!

The Application process is straightforward and simple and entails completing an online application and submitting a short 1-2 minute video summarizing the company, the problem being addressed, and the solution developed.

Who should apply?

DMOND program is designed to support entrepreneurs who have experience behind them and speak to solving problems they know first-hand. Ideal candidates are between the ages of 25-35 years old; however, if you are passionate and driven by your vision, yet fall out of this age range, we encourage you to still apply and let us know why we should consider you and your project.

Do you prefer innovation, traction or revenues?

The question is misguided and the answer depends on the kind of business. Innovative technology is a means to an end and should result in significant traction, which over time will be monetized. As a startup matures, it acquires proof of this evolution and becomes more appealing to potential investors.

Is my startup too early (or late) stage to apply to DMOND?

Maybe. We’ll consider startups that are still at the MVP or prototype stage, though we’ve proven we can provide substantial value to later-stage businesses too.

Can I apply if I don’t live in Tehran?

Yes. Anyone can apply to the DMOND accelerator program from within Iran and beyond, as long as you and your team can work in Tehran for the duration of the program.

Do I need to send in a business plan?

The point of DMOND is to help you shape your business and find market fit, so a business plan isn’t much use before we do that. Even if you’re trading and have revenues, your business and product are likely to change. Instead, complete the short application form, but please make sure you fill in all the questions.

Will you accept single founder teams? What about non-developers?

The DMOND program is very intensive so we will always consider teams over single founders. That doesn’t mean we won’t consider single founders, but they must be outstanding developers and have strong product development skills. As for developers, we won’t consider your application unless a developer is part of your team. All teams must have the ability to iterate while part of the program.

Does DMOND have a seed fund for teams after the program?

Yes! BUT if the teams can convince an investor to invest in their business. We participate as part of the investment.

In short, the best teams will have access to follow-on seed funding to ensure they continue to grow and scale.

What’s the EXPO event?

Accelerator program will conclude with the EXPO event, a demo day that will connect the venture capital and angel investor community with DMOND companies and provide additional exposure for the companies.

What do you do for companies after the 9 months are up?

All companies that join DMOND will officially graduate and become part of the closely tied DMOND alumni community. As alumni members they will benefit by their ability to leverage the powerful relationships they developed over the course of the nine months which will continue to serve them in their future professional pursuits.

What can I expect?

You should expect to learn and work hard at growing your company and yourself. This is an intense program for people passionate about what they are building. See the Program section for details on our approach.

Do you accept groups of 1 member?

No. In the DMOND’s experience, the various challenges that a startup company encounters are unmanageable for a single person to handle. Entrepreneurs need to go through the exercise of finding a co-founder who complements their skills and they can trust before they apply.

Can I trust you with my idea? Will you sign an NDA?

We believe value lies in entrepreneurs pursuing innovating ideas, not in ideas per se. A business plan alone cannot go a long way. The passion, commitment and domain knowledge of its founders stand as a competitive advantage we consider sufficient.

We do not sign NDAs. That being said, you are dealing with an institution that was built to last, its reputation being its core asset.

Do you have more questions?

You can contact us at info [@] DMONDGroup.com . We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.