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Many people around the world, with purpose of getting better and higher level of medical services, go from one country to another. People with this purpose, looking either for higher quality or lower prices in addition to medical services would be in need of tourism services for themselves, their companions and fellow-travelers. Therefore, most of medical tourists would confront with many challenges such as; information deficiency about the country of destination, getting attached with appropriate medical centers, proficient physicians and getting medical and tour services schedule coordinated synchronously.
Iran, as a safe country, privileged with unique tourist attractions and perfect climate choices, with numerous proficient physicians and doctors specialized in cosmetic and plastic surgeries at a far lower cost than its rivals such as Turkey, annually attracts tourists from many neighboring countries. IMEDITO (Iran Medical Tourism) is the first comprehensive medical tourist services reservation website in Iran. Online consultations, patient reception by medical centers, residential and resorts services, transport and touristy services, being scheduled with the patient medical and therapeutic programs would be a comprehensive introduction and recommendation of IMEDITO activities.

Category: Health & Tourism
Year: 2017
Branch: Shiraz
Status: Active

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