Karmezino offers you top quality Persian Saffron that you can make sure you'll always receive it with the same quality.


It has been always difficult to find top quality and natural Saffron as it’s rare and expensive in comparison with other types of spices. Many companies sell low quality Saffron or artificial ones, and it’s hard for most of the people to realize which Saffron is natural and pure. Also some sell other types of Saffron instead of Persian Saffron which is the best Saffron of the world and they pretend that their Saffron is the Persian.

KARMEZINO is always passionate about providing Premium Grade 1 Persian Saffron to its customers around the world, it cares about quality and like before it offers 100% natural, fresh top quality Persian Saffron without any artificial components, all red and pure. KARMEZINO provides you premium Saffron directly from best Saffron farms in Khorasan, Iran where Persian Saffron comes from.

Category: Retail
Year: 2017
Branch: Tehran
Status: Active

Karmezino Team

Hamed Lajevardi
CEO & Co-founder

Emad Lajevardi
Graphic Designer

Mahya Hashemi Namin
Content Provider